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Our Sleep Apnoea Solutions

Your adaptation program to CPAP therapy in 3 stages

Effective sleep apnoea treatment can quickly improve your quality of daily life. Getting started with your CPAP device isn't always easy, but Air Liquide Healthcare will guide you through each step so you can get the most out of your therapy and get back to living your life to the full.

Since having the right CPAP mask is essential for the comfort and effectiveness of your treatment, we test different models, from multi-brand suppliers, until we find the ideal one for you.

To start CPAP therapy in optimal conditions, we provide guidance on Sleep Apnoea and its consequences, the treatment and its benefits. We set up your CPAP machine according to your prescription and comfort preferences. We train you on how to use it daily. We provide you useful tips to help you adapt to the treatment and adjust your life to it.

We are in close contact with you. We monitor your treatment remotely and adjust if necessary in alignment with your doctor. You receive all the guidance and clinical assistance you need at any stage of your therapy (remote monitoring, interactions with our expert teams...).


Air Liquide Healthcare

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