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Safety & Environment

Committed to patients every time, everywhere

Air Liquide Healthcare is committed to the safety of its patients and employees and to the protection of the Environment.  Both of these are priorities within our business.

We have an annual plan which sets out our environmental, health & safety objectives and we hold regular reviews and updates against the plan throughout the period ensuring it is implemented and maintained.

Our responsibilities and aims are to:

  • Prevent polluting releases to the environment;
  • Provide and maintain safe plant, equipment and working conditions;
  • Have emergency procedures to minimise any effects on the environment
  • Make available, supervise and encourage the use of all necessary protection equipment and safety devices;
  • Provide training and instruction to ensure safe and environmentally friendly working practice;
  • Report incidents and near misses that affect the environment in a timely manner;
  • Provide and maintain close contact with each employee in order to assess their fitness for carrying out their job safely and without detriment to their health.

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