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Management services

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are always there – stepping up on supply, service and sustainability. So you can focus on what you do best – being there for your patients.

Total Gas Management Service


When you buy medical gases from Air Liquide, you can also benefit from Air Liquide’s innovative Total Gas Management (TGM) service. Air Liquide will supply a trained on-site medical gases technician dedicated to managing and optimising your hospital’s entire medical gas cylinder inventory.

TGM Service is tailored to meet your needs and includes:

  • Order-taking from departments
  • Invoice management to minimise paperwork
  • Change-out of cylinders on manifolds
  • Delivering of cylinders to the points of use
  • Conducting physical inventories
  • Ensuring continuity of supply
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Departmental billing
  • Benefits to you our customer:
  • Improved patient experience
  • Major reduction in lost cylinders charges
  • Reduced cylinder inventory – lower rental charges
  • Improved service - the right cylinder where you need it
  • Improved safety - no more empty or expired cylinders delivered to the patient
  • Problems and emergency cylinder availability solved smoothly and immediately by your onsite Air Liquide technician
  • Regulatory compliance for entire cylinder inventory

Gas Store Solutions

Air Liquide offer a comprehensive bespoke design, supply and installation service for your medical gas storage areas, to help you manage and secure your cylinders safely.

Air Liquide cylinder storage range provide the following benefits; 

Storage solutions are available for all cylinder sizes ensuring your gas store is organised, promoting safer cylinder handling.

Bespoke on site design and advice service ensures proposals offer optimum layout, products and prices to suit your individual requirements.

Robust and durable designs made of mild steel ensure a long term investment and expoxy powder coated paint increases durability

Medical Gas Delivery and Control Equipment

We offer a range of Medical Gas Delivery and Control Equipment to suit all your Medical Gas cylinders, including Regulators, Flowmeters and Piped Manifold systems.

To discuss your Medical Gas Delivery and Control Equipment requirements please contact our Customer Services department.

Cylinder Transportation & Storage Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of safe, efficient and cost effective cylinder trolleys, racks, gas cages and accessories to safely transport and store your cylinders.

Our cylinder trolleys, racking systems and accessories range ensures you are compliant with Manual Handling Operations Regulation 1992, (amended 2002) which maintains the safety of your employees by reducing manual handling injuries as well as increasing operator time efficiency by reducing manual handling and handling distances.

We offer robust and range of durable single or double cylinder trolleys, ensuring a long term investment, to fit all cylinder sizes, as well as bespoke racking systems, cylinder wall brackets/holders and trolley chains.

Cylinder Tracking

Air Liquide offers Assettrac, our cylinder tracking system, to enable you to track your medical gas cylinders and control your stock balances.

Air Liquide’s Assettrac Cylinder Tracking System can track cylinders within a hospital environment externally or internally.

External tracking (simple tracking in and out) enables us to detect if a cylinder was collected from a different drop point than the one it was delivered to. With this information the cylinder stock can be reconciled ensuring that stock balances and invoices are correct. 

The internal tracking function allows you to manage the circulation of cylinders within your premises using additional hardware and detailed training. With access to detailed web software you can then see where specific cylinders are and effectively monitor and manage your medical gas stock. 

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