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Quality Governance

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Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance is a system through which NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish. (Reference Royal College of Nursing)

We place Governance at the top of our agenda not only in the delivery of high quality care for all our commissioned services but also on ourselves internally. We believe that good governance (integrated) fosters inward facing scrutiny, honesty and transparency.

Our Senior Management Team including our Managing Director are compliant with the ‘fit and proper persons’ test. We actively support Whistleblowing and want to know if things are not quite right so that we can make them so, both internally and externally.


All Air Liquide manufacturing sites are inspected by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency to ensure our activities are not only compliant with the European Commission Good Manufacturing Practice but also with the licences we legally have to maintain in order to provide both a manufacturing and distribution service for medicinal gases.

In addition, all Air Liquide sites are inspected by our audit partners, NQA to ensure our activities are compliant with the International Standard Organisation 9001 for Quality Management.

Our service is heavily regulated so you can be assured that the medicine you receive is safe, reliable  and meets international pharmaceutical quality standards.

Air Liquide are committed to achieving these aspects by:

  • Recording service user complaints and concerns, discussing details and trends on a monthly basis
  • Recording and reporting any concerns we may have for service users safety or welfare according to the NHS Serious Incident Framework
  • Working closely with the local NHS to progress clinical issues as they arise
  • Providing a service that is fit for purpose which meets the needs of both service users and the NHS as specified in the National Framework Agreement for Home Oxygen

Air Liquide Healthcare Limited is registered with the Care Quality Commission and Monitor.

CQC registration identity: 1-421190153

Monitor Licence Number: 200056

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