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Electricity Refund

Patients who use a concentrator will receive a refund for the electricity their concentrator uses. Air Liquide will pay this on behalf of the NHS.

Calculating your electricity payment

The concentrator has a meter that counts the number of hours it has been running.  Most meters are located on the front of the concentrators.  The technician will read the meter on the concentrator as part of the service visit. 

The first meter reading is taken at the installation and the second at your first Service, we need at least 2 readings to calculate and therefore make payments.    

To calculate your refund we use the following calculation:

Receiving your payments

An Electricity Rebate Guide will be left when a concentrator is installed. The guide details how the rebate works and contains a Refund Form which needs to be completed and returned, to Air Liquide, so that the rebate payment can be paid into the bank. Payments are made quarterly, following your first concentrator service.

There is a minimum payment amount of £10. If your payment is below this amount in a quarter it will be carried forward to the next quarter for future payment.  

You can choose to opt out of the Rebate payments if you wish.

A new form can be obtained by emailing us at or via calling our Electricity Rebate Team: 0800 781 9939.

Contact Electricity Rebates Team

If you have any further questions regarding your electricity payments then please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 781 9939  (Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm)

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