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Our mission aim and core objectives

The aim of the Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service (HOS-AR) is to ensure that home oxygen is appropriately prescribed to those people who clinically need it

Our Mission

To provide excellence in patient centred specialist care, by providing a high quality, safe and caring service that promotes independence.

We take great pride in ensuring that our patients are treated as individuals and that they receive the best treatment to ensure the best possible health outcome for them.

We strive to deliver a personalised, responsive, high quality service in a manner that demonstrates respect and dignity and is sensitive to their ever changing needs.

Essential standards of quality and safety are central to our work.


Our Aims

  • To deliver a comprehensive HOS-AR for the management of patients requiring or potentially requiring the provision of home based oxygen

  • To identify accurately those who will clinically benefit from oxygen therapy and review existing patients to identify those who are prescribed oxygen therapy but will not clinically benefit

  • Adherence to evidence based recommendation and guidelines

  • To provide a comprehensive service using diagnostic equipment.  Timely assessments undertaken by qualified clinicians with relevant expertise.  Safety, compliance checks and education at each interaction

  • To reduce inequalities in health, promoting well being and independence for patients

  • To deliver a service that is appropriate, equitable, effective and efficient

Our Core Objectives

  • To improve the quality of life for people requiring oxygen therapy

  • To educate patients and their carers on the effective use and management of oxygen therapy;

  • To work collaboratively with primary care, community and secondary care respiratory services;

  • To ensure that users of the service have a positive experience of care

To see the current Quality Report please click on this link: Air Liquide Quality Report 2015-2017